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On October 5th I headed up to FlowHouse LBI with JP O’Brien and Jamie Rose to film an edit and shoot some photos.  I helped out with a few clips in the edit, but mainly shot photos.  It was my first time on a FlowRider.  The thing was totally sick!

Here are a few photos

To view JP’s self-edited edit “Motion”, CLICK HERE:

Check out Jamie Rose’s Vimeo site while you’re at it!

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Wednesday June 6 2012

We surfed Blacks Beach on Wednesday morning.  We walked to the edge of the cliff to check it  and headed back up to change.  One of Mikes friends he met from a previous stay joined us for the session, and led us down the goat trail down the cliff.  It was basically like a controlled fall down the side of a mountain.  This trail was gnarly with a surfboard, or a backpack full of camera gear.  The surf didn’t look too organized, but there were a few fun ones.  The paddle out was way too far, but I still managed to grab a few shots.  Here ya go.

Tuesday June 5th 2012- PART DEUX

After surfing in the morning in PB, we went back to our hotel to catch some grub and to recharge.  We ended up surfing Scripps pier for the second session of the day.  I ended up paddling out to surf, as the sun was setting and facing east, not a good shot.  We surfed until dark, got changed real quick, and grabbed my camera to catch the sunset.  Here it is

Tuesday June 5th

Head down to a beach break somewhere in Pacific Beach.  This was the beginning of the swell we had all week.  It wasn’t too big but still was shredable.  Here are a few photos of my brother Nick

Took me a while to get my shit back together after my trip.  Went fishing on the 17th and brought my camera.  I didn’t do much fishing.

The sunset had a really solid orange tone to it.  It looked like an actual sunset.  I didn’t even make it to the fishing spot before I pulled over to shoot as the sun was getting low.  Arrived at the spot and through a plug in off the rocks- i wasn’t looking to fish anyway.  As the tide was rising I set my camera gear up as close as possible to the end of the rockpile.  In the last photo you can see the lights on the Coast Guard helicopters out flying that evening.  


Day 13 in California, March 25, 2012

I WENT TO BEAR MOUNTAIN!  I’ve been wanting to ride this mountain since I knew what a terrain park was.  Damn was it fun.  Took a handful of laps to warm up, grabbed something to eat, and then grabbed the GoPro to get some clips!

Got a few clips and had a great time.  With about an hour left a storm came in and it started snowing.  We had to get out and down the mountain before the roads got worse.  Driving down the access road snow covered during a whiteout with blizzard like conditions in car with front wheel drive was a little sketchy.  But we made it down fine.

Here are some screen shots from the GoPro


Mini Hiatus

Didn’t do much until Sunday.  Did a little partying and slept a whole bunch.  I hung around the house and edited some photos and rested up for my trip to Bear Mountain ( !!) on Sunday

March 21st- Day 9 in California

On the 21st we headed on the road to Joshua Tree National Park close to the California/Nevada border.  It was about a 2 and a half to 3 hour drive.  Well worth it.  Drove a decent distance into the park to find a place to camp.  This was a last minute decision to go so we were not really well prepared.  We didn’t camp in a designated spot so it was just us in the desert.  We stopped in the ‘Jumbo Rock’ territory.  Shortly after parking the car, be walked about 20 minutes into the desert and set up camp next to some boulders.  Our location was carved out by centuries of flash floods.  We set up our tent, cooler, and bags, and began to explore the area.

As night fell, the temperature dropped, but it gave us the chance to see virtually every star or planet imaginable.  There is no light pollution out there whatsoever, except for car headlights (which aren’t easily seen), and your flashlights.  Totally cool!

Here are some shots from the time spent camping, enjoy!